How does InsFocus BI stack up against the competition?

Feature InsFocus BI Generic BI Tools
Unified analysis and dashboards solution with internal report builder.  CheckV CheckX
Insurance time dependent reporting – underwriting, accounting, accident.  CheckV CheckX
Built-in triangulation view and chain-ladder extrapolation.  CheckV CheckX
Risk parameters mechanism combining different products’ attributes into a single model.  CheckV CheckX
Integrated claim status filters allowing run-off reporting.  CheckV CheckX
Intuitive interface using business terms allows creating advanced analysis independently by business users.  CheckV CheckX
Out-of-the-box insurance data warehouse model with hundreds of insurance calculations.  CheckV CheckX
Reporting as of any historical date.  CheckV CheckX
Unlimited drill-down and drill-through mechanism.  CheckV CheckX
Flexible criteria based pre-query filtering for deeper population segregation.  CheckV CheckX
Dynamic banding mechanism for on-the-fly risk profiling.  CheckV CheckX