Announcing InsFocus BI – Version 3.5

InsFocus recently launched a major software update, InsFocus BI Version 3.5. The new version of the system adds significantly to the analytics and presentation capabilities of InsFocus BI while also greatly improving the system’s infrastructure. The update has a very wide scope and includes front-end, infrastructure and system center enhancements. We are excited to [...]

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Libra Insurance Selects InsFocus BI

Libra, Israel’s first all-digital insurance company, has selected InsFocus BI as its business intelligence solution. For Libra, InsFocus will implement its BI system on core insurance data, as well as on the digital sales and customer behavior worlds. Libra was initiated by Mrs. Etti Elishkov, formerly CEO of Hachshara Insurance Company. It is an [...]

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Benefits of InsFocus to Core System Replacement

It’s a new year and many businesses are seeking to revamp or replace their technological systems to keep up with trends and the best business practices. However, updating your technology shouldn’t mean losing or complicating your data and information. When an insurance company seeks to replace its core insurance system (CIS), it faces the [...]

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The UK Insurance Market

According to the Association of British Insurers, the UK insurance industry is the largest in Europe and the third largest in the world. How did the UK insurance market grow into such a powerhouse? The history of modern insurance in the UK dates back to The Great Fire of London in 1666, which especially [...]

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InsFocus Developments: The Business Significance of Treemaps

Your business data has been collected, now what? How data is represented is very important for analyzing and sharing this information. You can achieve better results when analyzing your data if it is mapped out and displayed efficiently. InsFocus is developing the use of “treemaps” as another visual option for displaying your collected data [...]

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InsurTech Trends: Core Insurance Platforms

With advancements in technology continually shaping the insurance industry, there has been a move in InsurTech trends towards cloud-based core platforms. This might be because a cloud-based platform is key to creating a customer-focused business model. Cloud-based applications allow users to access information and systems directly from the internet. Many insurers face the problem [...]

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Experiencing DIA Amsterdam 2018

This year I had the pleasure of attending DIA Amsterdam 2018 in May as a representative of InsFocus. As the largest insurtech event worldwide, I was one of about 1,200 attendees there to learn and share innovations in the insurance industry. It was inspiring to be in the same place as so many leading [...]

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The Future of On-Demand Insurance

The recent rise of on-demand insurance in the last two years has been revolutionary within the insurance industry by creating a better experience for clients than ever before. On-demand insurance allows consumers to purchase coverage whenever and however they want with full flexibility in pricing, coverage, and term lengths. This has become popular in [...]

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How BI Tools Help Insurance Companies Improve Profitability

Despite the fact that huge efforts have been made to improve insurance business intelligence and analytics, which is still continuing to grow, many insurance companies are hesitant to apply this intelligence to their business. Most businesses share the same central goal of reducing costs, increasing sales, and boosting profitability. Business intelligence (BI) tools are [...]

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Announcing: New InsFocus Mobile Client

We are excited to announce the launch of our new mobile client that is accessible by smartphone or tablet! Technology has made the world that we live in much faster paced and now with the new mobile client you can access your InsFocus reports and analysis on the go wherever you are We believe [...]

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