How The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Work At InsFocus

//How The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Work At InsFocus

How The Pandemic Has Changed The Way We Work At InsFocus

In our last blog post we discussed the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the insurance industry. The virus has definitely impacted our industry in many different ways and it has altered the traditional insurer-agent-client relationships.

However, in addition to the industry as a whole the pandemic has also impacted our daily work life and the way we work with our clients at InsFocus. In this blog post we will share with you several perspectives from our company leadership and employees about how the pandemic has changed work life at InsFocus. Uri Taiber, Founder and CEO:

As a software services company that provides service to clients mostly over the web, our work was not impacted significantly from the logistical perspective. We decided to move all work activities from the office to home on March 15th. Our staff took all the equipment that they needed to stay connected and work efficiently from home. Our team leaders used Zoom to stay connected with their team members on daily basis, sometimes even 3-4 times per day. In addition, we started to have our weekly management conference calls via Zoom too.

We use web based follow-up services to handle client issues and software development tasks, so issues reported by clients continued to be forwarded to the person in charge immediately.

We are a compact team, we have known each other for a long time, and we know our clients very well too, therefore we were able to maintain excellent performance and even exceed expectations while working from home for about 10 weeks. However new initiatives are more difficult to initiate remotely, therefore we decided to go back to working from the office on May 31st .

Currently there are some government initiatives in Israel to make it mandatory to work one day per week work from home – we are keeping an eye on those initiatives.

disproportionately Daniel Taiber, VP Research & Development:

Working from home seemed like a challenge in the beginning, but ended up being a nice experiment in the end.

Being around the kids for so long was a huge gift. It was just us, without any external noise and the best quality time anyone can ask for. Of course, trying to juggle working, babysitting, teaching, cooking and cleaning required a lot of effort but I’m going to miss those times for sure.

Working from the office again will take some getting used to. However, I think I am more productive when my home time and my office time are separate.

huerta de rey para solteros Hanan Taiber, VP Product & Delivery:

Working from home was a nice experience for me – even though I wouldn’t want to do this regularly in the future. Working from home was surprisingly efficient for me from the productivity perspective. The time that I lost on distractions at home was offset by the time that I gained by eliminating the daily commute to the office.

However the connection with my co-workers and my customers suffered a little bit. Remote communication is not the same as face-to-face communication but we made it work. Overall, I am glad we got through this difficult period together and I am especially satisfied that we were able to maintain excellent level of service for our customers.

The biggest positive of working from home for me was the additional time that I got to spend with my family. The last couple of months were like a small vacation, we were able to have lunch together with my family every day, and immediately after work I was able to join my family without having to spend time commuting.

Maxalt wholesale Eran Yanai, Programmer:

I had to work from home because of the Coronavirus outbreak. I set up my computer in the middle of our living room and after a short time period I started working from home almost the same as in the office.

I was pleasantly surprised that I actually I liked working from home very much. Initially working from home seemed impossible and undesired for me. The only negative was the time that I lost on making my own meals. But that negativity was compensated by the additional flexibility that I had with my time. I view working from the office as a privilege, and not something that is necessary in my field of work.

Ravid Braitman, Software Developer:

Working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic was a challenge at first, but it showed us that we can complete our tasks from every environment and under various circumstances. Being closer to my kids and spending more quality time with them was the biggest upside for me. Also, not having to deal traffic was a blessing too.