BI on log – new functionality

//BI on log – new functionality

BI on log – new functionality

agenzia matrimoniale padova Hi,

I am happy to announce a new functionality available within InsFocus BI, which will greatly enhance the system’s usability and maintainability. This functionality is the  Log DW – the ability to treat the InsFocus log database as a data warehouse and perform queries on it.

With this new functionality, users are able to question the log using the same mechanisms available in InsFocus BI, including smart filters, drill-downs down to individual entries, dynamic parameters, dashboards and so on.  The feature is based on sets of items that question the application logs (query runs, logins, etc.) and the ETL logs. Application log

A set of reports are available, including:

  1. System usage statistics (by user, date, activity)
  2. Query duration analysis
  3. Most used reports
  4. Unused reports

Application log ETL log

A set of reports are available, including:

  1. Analysis of ETLs by status, run time
  2. Lists of ETL errors
  3. Slowest running tasks and task groups

ETL log

The functionality is being rolled out to all of our clients starting today.

Hanan Taiber
VP Product & Delivery