InsFocus Version 3.3 Announced

//InsFocus Version 3.3 Announced

InsFocus Version 3.3 Announced

Today we are happy to announce the release of InsFocus version 3.3. The new version dramatically enhances the functionality and flexibility of the InsFocus back-end, while adding some important improvements all-around. Included in this version:

  • neurontin discount Connect to various data warehouses – In this version, we have added the ability to connect to data warehouses of different structures, including:
    • Technology – connect to DWs in SQL Server, Oracle or Netezza.
    • buy Lyrica canada Dates – use dates with numerical sequential representation or stored as actual dates.
    • Illapel Fact hierarchies – the system will automatically choose the smaller fact table for a query.
    • Flexible dimensions – define SCD dimensions, snowflakes or any other fact-dimension connection type.
    • Extension tables tables that add to the overall functionality of the fact tables.
    • Degenerate dimensions  – dimensions that are hosted within fact tables directly.
  • Enhanced charts component – A new charting component has been introduced, rendering the charts on the client side rather than on the server. Charts now have a modern and clean look, show animations when loaded, are much faster and allow drilling-down within the chart.

New Chart

  • New permissions mechanism – A new permissions mechanism has been introduced in this version, which adds the option of restricting by any dimension, definition of users by AD group (with automatic filtering of dimensions) and SSO login.
  • Currency convert and indexation – the current mechanisms have been upgraded to include a single unified mechanism that allows monetary conversions using custom scripts and templates.
  • Advanced report handling – added a trash can for reports and the ability to roll-back history on any report.
  • New system center screens – new screens for user editing, report library browsing and query definitions editing.

To learn more, download the full release notes.