InsFocus Version 3.2 Announced

//InsFocus Version 3.2 Announced

InsFocus Version 3.2 Announced

Today we are happy to announce the release of InsFocus version 3.2. The new version greatly enhances the user experience and contains a large array of new features and improvements. Those features include:

  •ín.html Export to PDF – intelligent, automatic and beautiful PDF exports can now be created directly from the Web client, with selection of fast export or advanced export with customization options.
    InsFocus Export to PDF
  • Report sharing – quick report sharing feature enables sharing reports as-is internally between users with a click.
    InsFocus Report Sharing
  •éunionnais.html Report favorites – mark useful reports as favorites for quick access.
    InsFocus Report Favorites
  • Itupiranga List reports – view reports as grid matrices or as formatted tables. Formatted tables are especially useful for long reports, such as all policies sold in a month with their attributes.
    InsFocus List Reports
  • Table presets – in addition to custom color options, presents for gray, green or brown tables, enhance the look-and-feel of reports.
  • Fluent copy to clipboard – smart copying to clipboard of table contents or charts.
  • Drill-down menu structure – new drill-down menu structure expands an already great feature to be even easier to use.
  • Create report from Excel – each export to Excel contains a link that re-creates the report in InsFocus with a click.
  • UI improvements – many user interface tweaks and improvements.

To learn more, download the full release notes.