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The Future of On-Demand Insurance The recent rise of on-demand insurance in the last two years has been revolutionary within the insurance industry by creating a better experience for clients than ever before. On-demand insurance allows consumers to purchase coverage whenever and however they want with full flexibility in pricing, coverage, and term lengths. This has become popular in [...]

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How BI Tools Help Insurance Companies Improve Profitability Despite the fact that huge efforts have been made to improve insurance business intelligence and analytics, which is still continuing to grow, many insurance companies are hesitant to apply this intelligence to their business. Most businesses share the same central goal of reducing costs, increasing sales, and boosting profitability. Business intelligence (BI) tools are [...]

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Trends in InsurTech With all the innovations happening in the insurance business, now is the time to take advantage of such trends like InsurTech and be proactive instead of constantly trying to catch up or defend what you’ve painstakingly established. In 2016, a survey proved that nine out of ten insurance executives believed that at least part [...]

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